What is Outplacement

Outplacement practices are offered to businesses when an organisation is closing down or downsizing, but can also be used for career development.  At One for the Job we create tailored solutions to help your employees to succeed when their current position ends.  No two sessions or businesses are the same and we recognise that solutions always need to take account of company direction and budgets to deliver a service that is both fit for purpose and successful.

Outplacement helps former employees to transition to new jobs and help them improve their sales pitch to new and prospective employers.  It builds the individual or group confidence by providing a number of support techniques, training and career advice.

The sessions that are developed for your company can be delivered in a number of forms, through one-to-one coaching or through group training sessions.  Providing advice on career and education options, improving the individuals unique selling point through coaching and provides strong evaluation techniques for the individuals to assess their career.


What we can offer

Full career coaching and individual coaching sessions

CV, Interview and job application advice

Individual and group job application training

- Job search skills and build career networks

Skills analysis

Executive team coaching and career development

Links to agencies and businesses


The benefits of outplacement

Providing outplacement services for your employees helps with staff morale in difficult time.  It makes people that have worked for you over a period of time feel values and respected for the work they have done, making them believe that you’re the trusted and respected employer that they thought you were.  They build confidence in their own ability in a time that is difficult.

Outplacement promotes time efficiency and enables individuals to have a more successful career search.  They will become more able to get the jobs they want, getting shortlisted for more roles and being able to perform effectively at their next interview.  Through their enhanced job application techniques and their ability to search for more suitable roles, they have access to a better future.


Understanding the individuals needs

At One for the Job we work closely with each individual to find out what they need from us and communicate with them at every step of the way.  We are able to provide personal coaching through access to a dedicated career coach, which can be exceptionally beneficial in those difficult times.

We won’t patronise.  We will help them succeed in a way that they see suitable.  Outplacement service, tailored to the individual.



We provide full end-to-end campaign management to advertise, support your sift process, develop interview structures and help you make the right appointment at the right time



We engage with senior teams to implement strong resourcing strategy. We can work on-site or off to create innovative solutions, training delivery and corporate recruitment videos


Executive Search

One for the Job manages executive search for senior level corporate services roles by utilising market intelligence and candidate attraction methodology

Video Recruitment

Video sells to people, it’s innovative and personal.  We film and edit recruitment and other promotional videos to sell functions of your business and to support job advertising.