Executive Search

Executive Search

Executive search is a process of recruitment used by businesses to fill senior roles, difficult roles or business critical roles in a quick and efficient manner.  Our practice specialises in Human Resources roles but offers a wider remit depending on client needs.  We work closely with businesses to build a campaign that is respected and delivers results.  With only 5% of the current workforce actively seeking work, executive search can really reach out to the other 95% of people that are not actively seeking work.


How does is work

The search process is more formally known as headhinting, where we develop candidate talent pipelines from recommendations, industry contacts and our knowledge of the market.  We have a candidate pool that reaches out to some very talented and creative HR professionals.  We run the model in a relitively traditional sense, though do incorporate some of our innovative recruitment solutions to ensure we deliver the best possible candidate to you.  The main areas of business are:

- Targetted candidate searching through social media platforms, referrals and market data

- Formal advertising, microsite development, promotional video and candidate attraction tools

- Longlisting of candidates through stringent sift processes, candidate discussions and suitability platforms

- Candidate interviews and detailed selection criteria to present a suitable shortlist

- Coordination of final panel interviews and offer management




Using executive search brings many benefits to the business, the candidate and to the delivery of the role once a p[lacement has been made.  We can work in a number of ways to ensure you get value for money.  Some clients like to use a retained approach to the search using One for the Job exclusively to fill a post, whcih can attract significant discounts.  We also promise to offer the following benefits to you:

- Strong relationship management and reporting through detailed Management Information tools

- Exceptional candidate management, promoting your company brand and following your identity guidelines

- Full managed process removing the resource requirement from you and your teams

- A reach out to the right candidate, usually those who are not actively seeking a new role

- Delivery of a targetted, measurable and successful recruitment campaign 



The cost of executive search is relitive in relation to other recruitment chanels, though search has proven results and you are much more likely to fill a role through this method of recruitment.  We work closely with our clients to ensure value for money and work on pricing models that are effective, affordable and specific.


We provide full end-to-end campaign management to advertise, support your sift process, develop interview structures and help you make the right appointment at the right time



We engage with senior teams to implement strong resourcing strategy. We can work on-site or off to create innovative solutions, training delivery and corporate recruitment videos


Executive Search

One for the Job manages executive search for senior level corporate services roles by utilising market intelligence and candidate attraction methodology

Video Recruitment

Video sells to people, it’s innovative and personal.  We film and edit recruitment and other promotional videos to sell functions of your business and to support job advertising.