Consultancy your way

We deliver a broad range of business consultancy, giving you access to dedicated senior resource.  Your senior associate will work with you and your business to help create a brief and ensure delivery of the project is done in time and on budget.  Our associates can work either on or off site and can be used in a number of ways – we can develop strategy, project plans and recruitment initiatives for you and your teams to deliver or we can work on site and deliver these initiatives for you.

The types of consultancy take many forms and link directly with other areas of our business.  For instance we can offer recruitment strategy advice, create corporate videos and recruitment promotional material, which can easily link into the RPO side of our business.  The other areas we can support you are:


Training Delivery

Our senior associates are fully able to deliver all types of training, with particular specialisms in the HR, HR & Recruitment Legislation and Recruitment Process Training.  With a long list of specialisms, please get in touch to find out how we can help and to get ideas about your training requirements.


Resourcing strategy development and workforce planning models

By using our skills and expertise we are able to develop extensive strategic plans that can be taken forward by you and your business or which can be delivered by one of our associates in-house.  Building workforce plans for the future and assisting with downsizing or company growth.

Recruitment initiatives, social media and campaign management

Using our expertise we can advise and plan campaigns for you being as creative or as traditional as possible.  We use social media and other innovative recruitment models to ensure your campaigns are managed well and are successful every time, saving you money and time.


Corporate identity and recruitment videos

One of our senior associates is a professional camera man and editor.  As an added benefit to your business we are able to film and edit a number of professional videos including those with strong corporate identity, recruitment promotional material and other corporate videos.


Workshops, Presentations and Key Speakers

If required we will deliver workshops and presentations that require professional resourcing input.  Our associates are specialist enough to present key speaker speeches and take part in corporate resourcing events, recruitment fairs and assessment activities.


We provide full end-to-end campaign management to advertise, support your sift process, develop interview structures and help you make the right appointment at the right time



We engage with senior teams to implement strong resourcing strategy. We can work on-site or off to create innovative solutions, training delivery and corporate recruitment videos


Executive Search

One for the Job manages executive search for senior level corporate services roles by utilising market intelligence and candidate attraction methodology

Video Recruitment

Video sells to people, it’s innovative and personal.  We film and edit recruitment and other promotional videos to sell functions of your business and to support job advertising.